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About Acharya Ashish Shastri Ji

Acharya Ashish Shastri Ji has a deep knowledge about Hawan/Poojan, he is well versed with traditional astrology, vastu, palmistry, astrology and so on. His academic qualification is B.A.(Shastri) B.Ed., M.A.(Acharya), M.Phil
 His main strength is his deep and vast knowledge about the alignment of the celestial bodies and its influence on our lives. Divyaalokjyotish has received many appreciations as a well-known Astrologer of today’s time, which have been proved according to his satisfied clients feedback, testimonials on his website & online reviews, his followers consider him as the Best Remedial Scientific astrologer, numerologist, palmist, gemologist, jyotishi & vaastu consultant in the Jammu & Kashmir.

Astrology is a very vast subject & which needs to be very good logic, must have good analytical power and also have spiritual knowledge and all the abilities which it supports while predicting many things. Divyaalokjyotish has all these things in him, which makes him popular not only in Jammu & Kashmir but also in other states of India. Many people come from all parts of INDIA  for Ashish Acharya’s Astrology consultation and even NRI’s also take his consultation. You can also take his consultation for your own horoscope or for any of your friend or relative’s horoscope.

He applies his rationale, logical force and learning of fluctuated subjects while giving his astrological predictions. His gigantic customer base incorporates individuals from various age groups and individuals from various foundations. Youths of today’s generation found him a more comfortable person and thinks that it’s simple to speak with him in regards to any of their issues. He is one of the Best Astrologers in J&K as well as in India also.