Health Related Issues:

It is rightly said that, Health is Wealth. In today’s modern world money & materialistic gains have become important word to define your success .There has been drastic change in the life style of people to achieve the comfort zone. Changing life styles like eating unhealthy food, stressful work has somewhat directly affected the health of person that has resulted into severe chronic disease at a very young age. Keeping oneself healthy should be the soul aim of someone’s life. In vedic astrology out of 12 houses 6th house is considered as the house of health &disease. Based on dasha , antardasha & 6th house we can easily predict which type of disease we are prone to face in the near future.

Your Astro Doctor:

Acharya Ashish ji ,by going through your kundli or horoscope he will brief with latest developments on Health & Disease related issues. With his vast experience into vedic astrology, based upon mathematical calculations he will prophesied what kind of disease a native might face in the future and also the precautions which he/she should always take care off.