What is Kaal Sarpa Dosha?

Kaal Sarpa Dosha is formed when all the seven planets i.e. Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mars & Moon are hemmed between Rahu & Ketu.

In Astrology Rahu is considered as Dragon’s Head & Ketu as Dragon’s Tail. There are 12 different types of Kaal Sarpa dosha namely 1) Anant Kaal Sarpa dosha 2)Kulik kaal sarpa dosha 3)Vasuki kaal sarpa dosha 4)Shankhpal kaal sarpa dosha 5)Padam kaal sarpa dosha 6)Mahapadam kaal sarpa dosha 7) Takshak kaal sarpa dosha 8)Karkotak kal sarpa dosha

9)Shankhnaad Kaal sarpa dosha 10)Ghatak kaal sarpa dosha 11)Vishdhar Kaal sarpa dosha

12) Shashnaag kaal sarpa dosha

Is kaal Sarpa Dosha Life Threatening ?

Kaal sarpa dosh are considered to be the most disastrous dosha among all the dosha .The native diseased with this dosh tend to face hardships in every spheres of his/her life. It gives Health related issues, delay in marriages, un-stability in the career & profession, loss of property frequently, a native faces huge financial loss & also unable to come out of Debt.

It should be noted that not all kaal sarpa dosha are harmful few of them are proved to be fruitful like the one which Dhiru Bhai Ambani has which gave him immense success in his life.

What Should We do If We have Kaal Sarp Dosha ?

We in Divya Alok jyotish Anusandhan Kendra under the guidance of our own well learned & experienced Astrologer Shree Ashish ji, he will suggest you the most effective remedial measures based on native’s kundli or horoscope and the type of kaal sarpa dosh present. The remedial measures may be like performing kaal sarpa dosha shanti puja, visiting Triambkeshwar jyotirlinga  in Nashik (Masharashtra),wearing serpent ring.