What is Manglik Dosha in Horoscope or Kundali

Whenever Planet Mars(Mangal) is situated in 1,4,7,8 & 12 houses from the lagna chart it is regarded as “Manglik Dosha” ,”Kuja Dosha” ,”Bhom Dosha”,”Angaraka Dosha” or “Manglik Dosh”.

Manglik Dosha in Horoscope or Kundali holds greater concern when it comes to marriage because it is the most important parameter considered at the time of match –making. According to Vedic astrology by overlooking this dosha it can lead to delay in marriages and also married people may end up in divorce or separation .

Vedic astrology has suggested certain remedies for the cancellation of Manglik dosha related issues .Acharya Ashish ji  will give you several remedial measures according to  Vedic astrology ,Lal kitab so that you can easily overcome this dosha and lead a happy & Prosperous married life.