Family & Child Related Issues :

Family plays a pivotal role in someone’s life. Due to rapid change in the social structure of society the problem of altercation between newly married couples can be abruptly seen it affects the peaceful environment of family. In astrology 4th house denotes about family, when it is afflicted with malefic planets it always results in dispute & quarrel which hampers the peace & Harmony in family.

Nowadays it has been seen the couples are facing issues with child birth and most of them are medically fit to conceive a child. In vedic astrology 5th house is considered to be the house of child when it is occupied with bad planets it always yield negative result and the couple is devoid of happiness.

Remedial Measures by Acharya Ji :

Acharya Ashish Ji  based upon his level of expertise and knowledge has given a ray of hope to many couple’s those who were facing the problem of child birth. He gives suggestive measures according to vedic astrology & Lal Kitab. The kundli or Horoscope of Husband & wife is seen and according to planetary positions the remedial measures are suggested also Vaastu shastra plays  crucial role in these kind of problems So, Acharya Ashish ji  also takes vaastu shastra into account  and gives consultation on the basis of that.

Sometimes medical science fails in progeny related issues. Despite undergoing all medical tests and all reports being satisfactory, even then many couples are not blessed with their own children. Science has no idea, why this is happening. At this situation only Vedic astrology can help you to open the secrets of progeny related matters. He provides Astrology Remedies for Child and Astrology Upay for Family Acharya Ashish Pandit helps everyone whether they belong any religion, caste and keep any social status.